EcoChange Ltd.

A Versatile and Experienced Expert Company in Environmental Issues


You can achieve considerable savings with our Waste management and Resource efficiency consultancy services. Analyzing your methods and processes we can detect phases, which could be more efficient.

We offer e.g. Environmental Management Systems, different kind of reports, and Environmental permit applications. Our consultancy will help your company to improve its image. Positive image is important for companies of all size.


We build and do consulting with different Environmental Management Systems. These include for example Light Environmental Systems and ISO14001.

With our Waste, Environmental and Future oriented educational services we can develop the know-how of your workers and your organization and boost your business.

About us

We offer

  • Waste and Environmental Consulting and Education
  • Waste Management Development and Tendering
  • Material and Energy Efficiency consulting
  • Environmental permit applications and analyses about soil & water reports
  • Consulting about Environmental Management Systems
  • Nature reports and other reports about environmental issues
  • Preventing and adapting to climate change
  • Education about Waste and Environmental Issues, and Future visions
  • Professional support to all environmental issues
  • Pioneering, improvement of image and competitiveness, marketing assistance, responding to the demands of stakeholders and preparing for future changes