EcoChange Ltd has experience in:

  • Waste management
  • Environmental Education
  • Public relations
  • Climate reports
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Carbon footprints
  • Reports
  • Environmental permits
  • accounting
You can read the references below.


Waste Management Development and Planning for companies

By developing waste management and arranging a competitive bidding you can achieve remarkable savings, even over 50 % of waste management expenses.

  • Waste Management instructions for construction sites (a construction company)
  • Real estates owned by Helsinki University association
  • Etera (an insurance company), two properties with several companies
  • Malmin Liiketalo Oy/ Kantakaupungin isännöinti Oy
  • Tremboco Oy
  • Savuhovi Oy
  • Otava-Kuvalehdet Oy
  • Developing waste management has been part of many clients’ projects.

Environmental education and its planning

  • Suvi Runsten has held more than 1000 presentations, for over 20 000 persons.
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY: guiding guest groups at Ämmässuo Waste Management Centre and Sortti -waste stations, 2017-2/2020
  • Vantaan Energia: Suvi Runsten has held about 800 trash police presentations for kindergartens, schools, associations, companies, housing cooperatives and in various events, and has been a judge in Finnish championship of trash sorting, 2015 -2020
  • Aalto University: Exponential technologies, which can improve lives of billions of people, for mentors and actors, 2015
  • Aalto University: Lecturing in Energy in community planning – program, 2013
  • HAUS kehittämiskeskus Oy: Environmental Management Systems and Eco-support person of an Agency (planning) 2009
  • Helsinki University: Acting as an environmental entrepreneur, 2016 ja 2013
  • TKK Dipoli: Environmental Specialist – program, 2009 – 2010
  • Oy Lapetek Ab
  • Kainuu ELY-centre and Länsi-Uusimaa water and environment ry: EcoStart- EMS
  • Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry
  • Savexpo -fair
  • Environmental Clinic, Leija of Vantaa
  • Education is always an essential part of for example building an Environmental Management System and it is included in many client projects.


  • The Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO, communications to the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, together with Viestintä Oy Tulevaisuus,

Climate reports

  • Climate reports or cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, together with other environmental consulting companies.

Environmental Management Systems and related consultancy

  • An Envirnomental Management System for an electronics company
  • Responsibility program for a leading finnish baseball association Joensuun Maila
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs: helping to compose an environmental strategy
  • EcoStart certificate for City-Miksa Oy, 2013
  • Kajaanin kaupunki, Mamselli -liikelaitos, joka tuottaa ruoka- ja siivouspalvelut mm. päiväkodeille ja kouluille, EcoStart
  • Matinkylän Huolto Oy, EcoStart and a report about energy efficiency of real estates
  • Martinlaakson Huolto Oy sai EcoStart-sertifikaatin 31.2.2011, artikkeli: Kiinteistolehti 8/2009
  • MTR-Isännöinti Oy, EcoStart
  • Oy Phoenix Collector Ltd, EcoStart certificate, 2013
  • Tilausravintola Kuninkaan Lohet Oy (EcoStart/ Ekokompassi-ympäristöjärjestelmän rakentaminen, Helsingin ympäristökeskus)
  • Rotav Oy Inkoon Venehotelli: konsultointia ympäristöasioihin liittyen
  • Winwind Oy: ISO 14001
  • Office Innovations Finland Oy, EcoChange -Ecopackage, 2010
  • Tukkatalo, EcoChange-Ecopackage 2008
  • Updating the list of environmental laws for a travelling company for many years
  • Writing an environmental statement concerning auditing for a construction chemicals company.

Carbon footprint calculations and consulting about it

  • Oy Lantmännen Unibake Ab Finland
  • Office Innovations Finland Oy (OIF Oy)
  • WinWind Oy

Web page design and production

  • HSY Vesi,
  • Own pages of Env. Cons. EcoChange Ltd
  • Web page production also for other organizations.


  • A report on the recycling of biowaste in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, published as part of the FinBaltRecycling collaboration, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report can be read here.
  • Reports to the municipalities of Joutsa and Laihia regarding the changes in waste legislation and to the waste management board of Ylä-Savo regarding the business impact of the changes 2022-2023
  • Nature surveys for ELY centers 2021-2023
  • A report about a possible visitor and guiding centre for HSY, 2019
  • A Market Survey for a waste water cleaning product, 2016
  • Energy poverty of a low-income detached house dweller - Further analysis of energy poverty in heating renovations and energy costs of this apartment, Ministry of the Environment, 2014 (with Tyrsky-Konsultointi Oy), Report
  • Report: Uusiouutiset 3/2015
  • NATNET Life+ baseline follow-ups – Nature report of South-West Lapland (birds, plants, fungus). 2013. ELY-centre of Lapland,
  • A report about improving energy efficiency in properties, Matinkylän Huolto Oy
  • A report about international waste transfers, Akkuser Oy and other international companies

Environmental permits and related consultancy

  • Akkuser Oy and some other International Companies: A permit for international waste transfer and other consulting.
  • Finkapa Oy
  • Usvola Ky
  • Environmental permits and reports about soil and water analyses for several soil landfills (Kuljetusliike Usvola Ky, Finkapa Oy, Mustonen & Vilkman)
  • Savuhovi Oy: Environmental permit for a meat smokery.
  • Factory for pieces of metal furniture and their relocation
  • Maaperän pilaantumisen arviointiin liittyviä selvityksiä kiinteistöalan yrityksille ja Rakennus Omera Oy
  • Helping with city planning for a company


  • EcoChange performs bookkeeping for some small companies

Muut referenssit

  • Running a 1,5 million euros project for building a water and waste water and fibre opticts network in Vestra and Keimola at Vantaa with a team of residents, 2017-2019