Waste management development and planning for companies

By developing waste management and arranging a competitive bidding you can achieve  remarkable savings, even over 50 % of waste management expenses.

  • Real estates owned by Helsinki University association
  • Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Etera
  • Malmin Liiketalo Oy/ Kantakaupungin Isännöinti Oy
  • Tremboco Oy, Malmi
  • Savuhovi Oy, Kerava
  • Otava-Kuvalehdet Oy
  • Developing waste management has been part of many clients’ projects.

Environmental education and its planning

  • Suvi Runsten has held more than 1000 presentations, for about 20 000 persons.
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY: guiding guest groups at Ämmässuo waste management centre and Sortti -waste stations, 2017-2/2020
  • Vantaan Energia: Suvi Runsten has held about 800 trash police presentations for kindergartens, schools, associations, companies, housing cooperatives and in various events, and has been a judge in Finnish championship of trash sorting, 2015 -2019
  • Aalto University: Exponential technologies, which can improve lives of billions of people, for mentors and actors, 2015
  • Aalto University: Energy in community planning – program, 2013
  • HAUS kehittämiskeskus Oy: Environmental Management Systems and Eco-support person of an Agency (planning) 2009
  • Helsinki University: Acting as an environmental entrepreneur, 2016 ja 2013
  • TKK Dipoli: Environmental Specialist – program, 2009 – 2010
  • Oy Lapetek Ab
  • Kainuu ELY-centre and Länsi-Uusimaa water and environment ry: EcoStart- EMS
  • Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry
  • Savexpo -fair
  • Environmental Clinic, Leija of Vantaa
  • Education is always an essential part of for example building an Environmental Management System and it is included in many client projects.


  • The Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO, communications to the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, together with a communications company, www.metsonpolku.fi

Climate reports

  • Climate reports or cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, together with other environmental consulting companies.

Environmental Management Systems and related consultancy

  • Responsibility program for a leading finnish baseball association Joensuun Maila
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs: helping to compose an environmental strategy
  • City-Miksa Oy, EcoStart, 2013
  • Kajaani city, Mamselli -liikelaitos, EcoStart
  • Matinkylän Huolto Oy, EcoStart and a report about energy efficiency of real estates
  • Martinlaakson Huolto Oy, EcoStart, 2011
  • MTR-Isännöinti Oy, EcoStart
  • Oy Phoenix Collector Ltd EcoStart, 2013
  • Tilausravintola Kuninkaan Lohet Oy (EcoStart/ Ekokompassi, Helsingin ympäristökeskus)
  • Rotav Oy Inkoon Venehotelli
  • Winwind Oy: ISO 14001
  • Office Innovations Finland Oy, EcoChange -Ecopackage, 2010
  • Tukkatalo, EcoChange-Ecopackage 2008
  • Updating the list of environmental laws  for a travelling company for many years
  • Writing an environmental statement concerning auditing for a construction chemicals company.

Carbon footprint calculations and consulting about it

  • Oy Lantmännen Unibake Ab Finland
  • Office Innovations Finland Oy (OIF Oy)
  • WinWind Oy

Web page design and production

  • HSY Vesi, www.metsapirtinmulta.fi
  • Own pages of Env. Cons. EcoChange Ltd
  • Web page production also for other organizations.


  • A report about a possible visitor and guiding centre for HSY, 2019
  • A Market Survey for a waste water cleaning product, 2016
  • A report about energy powerty and energy efficiency for Ministry of Environment, 2015 together with Tyrsky Consulting Ltd, here
  • The report “Possibilities to collect biodegradable waste to shared or local collection bin”, 2013-2014, Ministry of the Environment, can be found here. Partners: Finnish Solid Waste Association, HSY and Puhas Oy.
  • NATNET Life+ baseline follow-ups – Nature report of South-West Lapland (birds, plants, fungus). 2013. ELY-centre of Lapland, www.natnet.fi.
  • A report about improving energy efficiency in properties, Matinkylän Huolto Oy.
  • A report about international waste transfers, Akkuser Oy.

Environmental permits and related consultancy

  • Akkuser Oy: A permit for international waste transfer
  • Environmental permits and reports about soil and water analyses for several soil landfills (Kuljetusliike Usvola Ky, Finkapa Oy, Mustonen & Vilkman)
  • Savuhovi Oy: Environmental permit for a meat smokery.
  • Factory for pieces of metal furniture and their relocation
  • Reports about possibly contaminated soil for a real estate company and Rakennus Omera Oy
  • Helping with city planning for a company


  • EcoChange performs bookkeeping for some small companies


  • Running a 1,5 million euros project for building a water and waste water and fibre opticts network in Vestra and Keimola at Vantaa with a team of residents, 2017-2019